Luv & Lee magazine is a students initiative without any guidance of a lecturer. Every semester a new issue of the magazine is conceived, curated, edited and printed in an edition of 150-250 copies.
For issue #17  I've been part of head design team, coordinating and designing the whole issue. We decided to go for a small format but had the opportunity to print 240 pages because we had that many co-authors. The issues theme BITTER reminds us of the current sore and rapid times, unsure what the future will bring us, trying to seize the moment.
Special Thanks to my fellow team members who I was fortunate to work with: Katja Almeida-Dehesa, Eva Anton, Rebecca Burkhardt, Juan Cruz Caamaño,  Clara Louise Sijia Ding, Cleo Fleischer, Felicitas Haseidl,  Lynn Kaup, Thao-My Nguyen, Lena Zimmermann who all put heart and soul in the project.
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