is a German design student at FGW Bavaria, Germany with an interdisciplinary approach to aesthetics and communication currently based in Barcelona, Spain.

Rice, Fruits and Tea
Daniel and his family mourn the loss of the younger sister. At a family dinner after the funeral Daniel is confronted with his guilt. 
motion picture; short film
director of photography, colouring, script
YUUN - Colourblind
Music video for German Dream Pop Band YUUN for their single Colourblind of the Album "I've got my Head in the Clouds, but the Server Is Down"
motion picture; music video
Flutsch Finger
Short film shot on Kodak Ektachrome 100D Super 8.
motion picture; super 8
direction, photography, edit
Fashion + Identity
As part of the design team Christian Thoma and I did a  420 page open thread binding collection catalog of a photography class at FGW where we each contributed with our own photo series.
photography, editorial
design team
These images are part of an exhibition I had the pleasure of hosting in April of 2023. To me they tell a story about touch and release.
photography exhibition
Luv & Lee Issue #17 Bitter
Luv & Lee magazine is a students initiative without any guidance of a lecturer. Every semester a new issue of the magazine is conceived, curated, edited and printed in an edition of 150-250 copies. For issue #17  I've been part of head design team, coordinating and designing the whole issue. We decided to go for a small format but had the opportunity to print 240 pages because we had that many co-authors. The issues theme BITTER reminds us of the current sore and rapid times, unsure what the future will bring us, trying to seize the moment.
design team